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Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinary FAQs Animal Medical Center of Lindstrom

Our veterinarian team can answer any question, big or small. Some of our most frequently asked questions are answered here.


Why do I need an exam for my pet to receive vaccines?

Our vaccine appointments run 20 mins long. We use appointments to help structure our day so we know what is coming into the clinic. Our clinic’s mission is to do no harm to any pet, we want to provide the best care for our patients and help them have a long happy life. Dr. Peterson and Dr. Johansen want to know that they are vaccinating a healthy pet. If an animal is having any health issues we do not want to add anything that would harm your pet. 

My dog is taking monthly heartworm prevention, why do I need a heartworm test?

The American Heartworm Society, Dr. Peterson, and Dr. Johansen recommend yearly heartworm testing. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos. Prevention only works as good as it can when it’s given properly every month, with no missed doses, sometimes life gets in the way and we may forget a dose. Testing yearly helps screen your pet’s heart health, we want to catch any infection early to have successful treatment if needed. We also see the benefit in testing every other year for those clients that use heartworm prevention all year long.  Heartworm testing is done by a blood sample, not feces. 

Help, my pet has fleas!

Flea infestation can last up to 4 months, fleas lay eggs and the hatching process takes place every 2 weeks. You may be using prevention on your pets and wonder why you still seeing fleas. The prevention product (if purchased at a veterinary clinic) is doing its job, you do not need to do anything else for the pet. It is the environment that needs treating. 

Step 1 – Vacuum your carpets, closets, and under furniture weekly for up to 3 months. Throw the contents of the bag outside in a sealed container. 

Step 2 – Use a flea egg/adult growth regulator (We use Knockout area treatment spray) that you will spray in all of those areas also, along with bedding and vehicles weekly after vacuuming.  Be patient and consistent, it is frustrating but takes time. 

My pet was just seen by another vet, why do I need another exam?

Our Doctors find it important to get the whole picture regarding your pet’s health issues. An exam helps the doctors to see for themselves what they are dealing with, which helps them to put the best treatment plan together for your pet’s needs.